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5 Tips for Finding the Right Rented Office Space in Hong Kong

Gaurav Joshi - Founder

5 Tips for Finding the Right Rented Office Space in Hong Kong

5 Tips for Finding the Right Rented Office Space in Hong Kong

Are you on the hunt for new office spaces in the city? With the rise of flexible working and the extensive selection of office spaces available for rent, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when deciding on your ideal space. Read on for our top 5 tips on what to look out for when renting office space in Hong Kong.

1. Convenience and Location

One of the most important factors of any great office space is a convenient location, which is true both in terms of commute and the surrounding amenities. Many office spaces in Hong Kong are adjacent to MTR stations, bus stops, and even taxi queues, providing convenient and affordable access to public transport while ensuring everyone in your team has an easy, reliable way to get to work each day. You may also value an office space that is close to a nice selection of restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centres, banks, and other amenities to make your workday more enjoyable and productive. There are now plenty of fast-developing business hubs and districts throughout the city which boast everything a busy worker needs. In addition to the popular, buzzing locations of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, there are many up-and-coming rented office spaces in more low-key districts such as Kennedy Town and Wong Chuk Hang. Take the time to do your research into specific districts before settling on the location of your next workspace. Keep in mind that many flexible workspaces do offer access to multiple locations, so this could be another deciding factor.

2. Facilities, Amenities, and Benefits

Serviced office spaces and coworking spaces are constantly improving in the wake of evolving consumer preferences and needs. Many businesses are now demanding access to a range of different facilities, from simpler requirements such as high-speed WiFi, coffee, and printing, to more specific essentials such as meeting rooms, event spaces, reception services, and even showers! There is also a greater focus on networking opportunities and events when it comes to selecting a flexible office space, where companies specifically seek out coworking space providers which host regular networking events, workshops, training sessions, and other opportunities for collaboration. Think about all the facilities which will make your time in the office more efficient and enjoyable. Many business spaces for rent will be able to accommodate these needs in some way or another, so be clear about your requirements.

3. Pricing Tiers and Flexibility

Cost-effectiveness is key when it comes to selecting an ideal office rental. As we shift away from traditional office models, coworking spaces will generally offer different membership types depending on your team's needs. These will typically include options to rent a private office, a dedicated desk, a hot desk, or even a virtual office. These different pricing tiers may come with different benefits, for example, a private office rental may be subject to more meeting room credits. After understanding how much it costs to rent an office space, you should enquire about the leasing period of each membership type or pricing tier. Do you want to rent office space long-term, or would you prefer a more flexible option that you can pay for monthly? You should also check if the space offers any contingency plans in case of any business emergencies or changes to the team.

4. Size and Scalability

This may seem like an obvious factor, but it's important to choose a rented office space that is the best size for your team. If you are comfortable with your smaller-sized team, then it might be best to rent a workspace that offers dedicated desks or a small private office space. If you are expecting to scale up or simply want more room to move around in, then look for an office that can accommodate more desks, chairs, storage, and additional floor space so you can feel prepared to welcome new team members in the future.

5. Environment, Design, and Layout

Finally, consider the overall mood and atmosphere that you want your office space to have. Many flexible workspace providers have specific interiors, designs, and layouts that cater towards certain businesses and individuals. Some teams may be looking to rent a business space that looks more professional which will impress clients when they come in for meetings or events, or which will look good during video conferences using high-tech equipment. Other teams might prioritise a more creative, artsy space with an open floorplan and amenities such as a cafe, bar, or chill-out areas with games like foosball or billiards. It is crucial to select a space that best fits the image and desires of your team, as this will become the business address that all your clients, customers, and visitors will associate with you.

Find Your Ideal Office Space Today

Now that you know what to look for when renting office space, are you ready to search for your perfect office in Hong Kong? Browse our specially curated selection of coworking offices for rent across a variety of locations today, from Kennedy Town to Quarry Bay. You can also reach out to our FlexFinder experts if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you find the space of your dreams.

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