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Looking for Flexible Office Space in Hong Kong?

Gaurav Joshi - Founder

Looking for Flexible Office Space in Hong Kong?

Looking for Flexible Office Space in Hong Kong?

Workplaces are changing, and flexibility is at the top of the list of changes. Several factors over the years have pushed flexible working into the spotlight, notably the pandemic, making it a more popular option than ever before. As such, the demand for flexible office space has risen dramatically, with even some organisations offering dedicated spaces to specific industries. With demand set to rise even further, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about flexible office space in Hong Kong.

What is a Flexible Office Space?

Flexible office spaces, or a serviced office, are essential like a traditional office but with different desk layouts and collaborative hubs. Flexible office space provides everything businesses or individuals need to get up and running, such as all the amenities like WiFi, desks, electricity, printing, and in some cases, computers and hardware. All companies need to worry about is the desk space utilised.

As such, these spaces are designed to provide employees with a variety of different places and ways to work, such as in booths, outdoors, in meeting rooms etc. This is unlike traditional offices with fixed and assigned desks. Instead, employees are able to choose an area of the office that best suits them at that moment. For example, find a coworking space in Central.

What are the benefits of Flexible Office Space?

There are several reasons why flexible office spaces are in demand right now. Here are just a few highlights.

Saves money

Flexible office spaces usually already come furnished with desks, chairs, decorations and other equipment that employees need to work, at no extra cost to businesses who use them. But perhaps the largest saving is on rent. Businesses are able to downsize their real estate footprint to reduce their rent, and only use the space they need to efficiently get work done. This also means foregoing the traditional large deposit for leases. Flexible leases may also offer better terms, such as being shorter and cheaper than standard options — making them an ideal option for small businesses or those on a tight budget.

It’s flexible

It’s in the name but a flexible office can become a really large advantage for businesses that are growing and have different needs. This means workspaces can be easily rearranged to accommodate different team sizes, such as teams that are becoming larger or smaller. You are also not bound to longer-term contracts, freeing up the business. Furthermore, if you join a flexible office space with multiple locations, employees are likely able to work from any location to ease commuting.

Pays for the space you need

You only pay for what you use. This again saves businesses money from overpaying for space or materials. Businesses can easily scale up and down on short notice and accurately budget their expenses with a flexible office.

Networking opportunities

In a traditional office, one company usually takes up the space and employees only meet each other. However, in a flexible workplace, employees from different businesses are able to mingle and network on a much larger scale. Employees are surrounded by different individuals, such as freelancers, small businesses and global organisations to share knowledge and fulfil social needs. There are also designated spaces to network, such as shared kitchens, casual meeting spaces, lounges, designated event spaces etc.

Why are Flexible Office Spaces Important?

Flexible work used to be a benefit for certain employees before the pandemic. However, since the pandemic, a number of forward-thinking businesses identified flexible working as a competitive advantage. This is due to the immense cost-savings that flexible office spaces provide, and the flexibility to manoeuvre businesses during uncertainty. Employee mindsets on flexible working have also changed, talent now ranks this benefit as an extremely important aspect when choosing to work for an organisation. Attracting top talent means flexible work is non-negotiable.

Find your Perfect Workspace in Hong Kong

As such a populated city, finding a traditional office to rent in Hong Kong is not an easy task. Coupled with the well-known fact that Hong Kong real estate is extremely expensive, businesses can feel challenged. That’s why flexible workspaces in Hong Kong are the perfect option for many organisations. Whether you are looking to be located centrally in Central, or spread out over the city, flexible workplaces are located all over Hong Kong for you to choose from. Browse coworking spaces in Central, coworking spaces in Sheung Wan or anywhere in Hong Kong through FlexFinder.

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