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Where To Work, Eat And Shop In Sheung Wan

Gaurav Joshi - Founder

Where To Work, Eat And Shop In Sheung Wan

Where To Work, Eat And Shop In Sheung Wan

Lying next to the Central District, Sheung Wan blends a bit of everything, from historical temples and antique stores to some of the city’s best restaurants and bars. Numerous modern offices also stand shoulder to shoulder to provide inspiring workspaces and virtual offices for businesses there. If you work nearby or intend to rent a new office, follow our guide to discover the hippest places to eat, shop and work in Sheung Wan.

Places to Eat in Sheung Wan

1. Cafes & Coffee Shops – Elephant Grounds

The western district is renowned for its boutique roasters and coffee shops. Hop over to Elephant Grounds, an aesthetic, spacious cafe serving house-baked pastries, artisanal coffees, and indulgent fusion cuisines, including salad bowls, ice-cream sandwiches, and pasta. Its distinctive interiors and open-planned dining area make it a favourite work-friendly cafe. Other popular places to eat in Sheung Wan include 404 Plant – a vegan bagel cafe, Barrister Jam, and Halfway Coffee.

2. Pizzeria Jacomax – Pizza

This hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant is jam-packed with crowds in Sheung Wan every night. It serves one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas ranging from fusion flavours like Mexico x Sicilia, Capricciosa, and its signature Gorgonzola & Apple, as well as authentic Italian gourmet pizzas such as Margherita and Diavola. A variety of Italian starters, cocktails and wines are available to whet your appetite at work.

3. Karo Shabu – Japanese Hotpot

Besides western dining, Sheung Wan is also brimming with the best Asian restaurants in Hong Kong. Located near Man Mo Temple, Karo Shabu presents its one-of-a-kind Kuro Omakase sets to reimagine a whole new shabu-shabu experience in Sheung Wan. Designed with an open-plan kitchen, it allows the chefs to give you in-person instructions so you can cook your premium Wagyu beef, black pork, and black chicken in flavourful broth to achieve an authentic taste.

Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant – HK-styled BBQ Meat

How can you miss out on this local favourite in Sheung Wan, honey-glazed BBQ meat? Crowning the best 'char siu' in Hong Kong, this restaurant is always lined with long queues looking to try its tantalising selection of juicy barbecued pork, roasted pork belly, crispy goose, and tasty innards. After jumping in and out of numerous cafes and fusion restaurants, you may crave something local. Dine in or grab a barbecued meat takeaway at this famous char siu restaurant to bring delicious occasions to your workspace or virtual office in Sheung Wan.

Sheung Wan - Shopping & Attractions

1. Upper Lascar Row

Steer off Hollywood Road and take a peek into Upper Lascar Row, also named Cat Street. This quaint neighbourhood is lined with antique stalls selling a timeless collection of Chinese arts, calligraphy, and vintage furniture. Take a short stroll in this street market to behold the beauty of historic coins, jewellery, cultural ornaments, and high-class antiques. If you are a collector, Upper Lascar Row is great for shopping an array of collectables in Sheung Wan, such as Bruce Lee posters and Mao Zedong alarm clocks. A few local designer boutiques and vintage clothes stores have also popped up recently.

2. Western Market

This red-brick Edwardian-style attraction is the oldest existing market building in Hong Kong. After being renovated in 1991, Western Market has been home to some of the best cafeterias, eateries, fabric merchants, and curio shops in Sheung Wan. If you are shopping for traditional arts and Chinoiserie fabrics, go to the first floor, which has rows of stores offering delicate fabrics, ranging from silk and wool to denim and chiffon. Meanwhile, Oriental Arts on the ground floor sell local art pieces, figurines, and Chinese tapestries for keepsakes or decorations.

3. Liang Yi Museum

When you are too overwhelmed at work, destress and take a trip to this four-storey museum, home to the world’s largest and premier collections of Chinese antique furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as a plethora of historic pieces showcasing the bygone era of Europe. Visit this ancient attraction to check out more than 400 exemplary antiques in Sheung Wan.

Office Rentals in Sheung Wan

1. Kai Tak Commercial Building

Located in Sheung Wan, Kai Tak Commercial Building is a single-ownership commercial building available for lease. Office sizes vary from 300 sq ft to 5,226 sq ft. Accessible within a 2-minute walk from Sheung Wan MTR Station, Kai Tak Commercial Building enjoys proximity to leading office buildings, including FWD Financial Centre, Shun Tak Centre, Guangdong Finance Centre, and Chu Kong Shipping Tower.

2. Infinitus Plaza

Infinitus Plaza is a grade-A office building on Des Voeux Road Central in Sheung Wan district. This is a 38-storeys plus 1-storey below-ground building for office use, providing numerous office property spaces for different business needs. Floor size is typically 11899 sq. ft. (or approx. 1105 m2).

3. Grand Millennium Plaza

Grand Millennium Plaza is an urban renewal project on a site of 7,200m² located in the historical business district of Sheung Wan. The piazza concept is an architectural solution to offering a setting for social intercourse. The redevelopment of 100,000m² Grand Millennium features a 52-storey building and a 28-storey low block flanking an urban piazza linking the upper level of Queen's Road and the waterfront area of Wing Lok Street.

4. Flexfinder - Virtual Offices Sheung Wan

Under the remote working trends, virtual offices are on the rise to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a physical address and office-related services – including a prestigious mailing address, phone-answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing – without committing to any dedicated office space. Whether you are looking for co-working spaces or meeting rooms in Sheung Wan, feel free to contact us to request rental details and availability. We are happy to offer flexible workplace options and an optimal work environment tailored to your budget and team needs.

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